Privacy Policy

The owners and people at Plutoport (DSTech Solutions, LLC) believe in treating our customers as we would like to be treated. As such, we value the customer's privacy and work to protect all personal data entrusted to us.

Personal Data
The names of individuals and businesses that use Plutoport, as well as all contact information and other information given to us in the course of signing up and maintaining their Plutoport account, is protected by us using all modern business standards. We do not give, share, or sell customer information or usage behaviors. We do not allow any customer information to be shared with social media platforms or other advertising-based software.

Financial Data
Although credit cards are used in signing up for Plutoport and paying for the service, we use third party platforms and our staff are not given access to credit card numbers.

Company Data
As Plutoport is a business software, users will enter a wide variety of data into Plutoport as a part of its normal use. This may include their own customers' information, vendor information, their company financial data, and more. None of this internal data is viewed by our staff, with the exception of a select high-level technicians; and then only when absolutely necessary to resolve an unusual technical situation that may require looking into a record. When and if this were ever necessary, the Plutoport customer would be notified and permission received beforehand.

Law Enforcement
The only exception to our privacy policies stated above would be in the event that lawful authorities requested the information as part of its investigation and were able to obtain a proper legal search warrant from a court of law. In this event, unless required otherwise by law, we would inform the Plutoport customer of the event as soon as allowed.

Aggregate Data & Customer Usage
In some cases - for marketing, reporting, or other reasons - we may publicly disclose aggregate data, such as the total number of Plutoport customers, statistics on customer activity, and so on. These would be totals, averages, and the like and would not reveal any one customer's private individual information. We also reserve the right to monitor customer use of Plutoport, such as login times, data entry, size of information entered or uploaded, etc. We do this to ensure no harmful interactions with the servers are occurring, to see if there are any problems with the service, and to see ways of improving the product.