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The Senior Partners at Plutoport's parent company, DSTech Solutions, LLC, have over 25 years of experience each. They understand the challenges facing businesses of all sizes and have a long history of building and implementing effective systems for both small business and America's largest corporations. These include Wells Fargo, American Express, Bank of America, 3Com, Farmers Insurance, government departments, international non-profit organizations, and more.

Sam Urick
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Daniel Strain
Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Denise Urick
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Their work involves project design, execution, and team building - always using the best technology in the industry, and always in the most economical and innovative way possible. All the partners at Plutoport believe in building long-term working relationships of trust. The Senior Partners are joined by a team of technicians with experience and qualifications including: networks, router administration, server administration, virus and malware cleanup, implementation and operation of IT service centers, HIPAA requirements for healthcare providers, IT security procedures and training manuals, and more. Their industries include: oil & gas, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, government, banking, and more.

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